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Gun  Security Advices

Note that we take no responsebility for use of the material on these pages!

The construction is quite safe when using the bullets (potatoes) and gun powder (hair spray). The shooting range is normally something like 100m-200m. Using other types of gun powder (more efficient), it is be possible to shoot more than 300m with this type of gun, so the safety margin for the materials is quite good.

Make A Safe Construction

  • Some advices say that you should not tighten the barrel with the rivets. In case of problems the barrel will then fall out. We have not had any of those problems at all.
  • Make sure the rivets are tightly fastened and not too close to the joinings. Below is shown an example of bad assembly. The bottom part is not properly tightened, so it went off at the very first shot. Notice how close 2-3 of the rivets holes are to the edge.
    DÃ¥rlig samling

Safe Shooting

  • Use gloves when shooting.
  • Do not shoot in direction of any people.
  • Luckily the cover that is screwed off when spraying the hair spray is a weak part of the system. So this is probably the first part that goes off at too high pressure. Hence avoid holding your hand on the cover when shooting and avoid having people nearby in that direction:
    Keep hand away

  • Also keep the gun away from fragile items as e.g. your head when firing. Being both stupid and lucky holds only for a short time.
    Use the below shown firing position:
    Proper shooting posistion

  • Last advice - use your common sense and avoid dangerous situations. It is so stupid being damaged just for fun.