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Gun  Tips & Links

Instead of showing fancy improvements and other nice ideas, you may follow the links below. Also, after having build the gun and been playing with it, we're sure that this will inspire you to your own ideas of improvement.

But we have a few tips:
  • As potatoes are quite odd in shape and size, get yourself a piece of metal with a circular hole at 50mm size. Before loading the gun with a potato, press it through that hole. This will improve shooting range significantly.
  • The above metal piece with the 50mm hole can also be attached to the muzzle, but make sure it is firmly fixed. It is a quite nasty experience if it falls off when shooting.
  • Some potatoes may also be smaller than 50mm, so to avoid them ending up in the gun-powder chamber, put a rivet or nail through the barrel just above the powder chamber.
  • The most fragile in this construction is the ignition part. Make sure it is easy to replace the lighter. Alternatively develop your own more advanced ignition system.

The Danish Homepage Of The Orange Gun
The orange gun is actually the same as a spud gun (but uses a 75mm barrel). The bullets (oranges) are more expensive than potatoes (at least in Denmark), but more regular sized.
Please do not use the yellow/orange colored parts made of PVC. The PVC is too hard and will fragment into many dangerous hard pieces blowing out in case of an accident. Use the grey more soft plastic types. It will just crack and letting the pressure out without any serious damage.

Arno's Spudgun (Danish again)
Arno like it big and violently, but there are a lot of pictures and a few video clips also. Notice that Arno is using gloves when shooting (and this seems to be a very good idea).